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Please send a message to for information about additional Mantevo developer tools.

Processes for Contributing to Mantevo: Checklists

The Mantevo manages processes via several checklists. If you are interested in contributing to the project, please carefully review these lists (in MS Word format), especially the first two:

  • ProposingNewMantevoCodes – A process for proposing the addition of a new code to Mantevo.
  • MantevoReleaseChecklist111714 – Release checklist for miniapps and minidrivers. Typically the most time-consuming part of importing a miniapp into Mantevo is adapting to the Mantevo common look-and-feel guidelines that are part of this checklist.
  • MantevoReleaseFramework1114 – Release checklist for release coordinator.

Accessing the Mantevo repository

Mantevo repositories are available on Github: