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The Mantevo project is an effort to provide open-source software packages for the analysis, prediction and improvement of high performance computing applications.

Goals for the project include:

  • Predict performance of real applications in new situations.
  • Aid computer systems design decisions.
  • Foster communication between applications, libraries and computer systems developers.
  • Guide application and library developers in algorithm and software design choices for new systems.
  • Provide open source software to promote informed algorithm, application and architecture decisions in the HPC community.

Project features:

  • Miniapplication and minidriver development done by application developers with years of experience.
  • Software available as open source.
  • Application space coverage includes: Implicit unstructured PDE applications, explicit dynamics (contact), molecular dynamics, circuit simulation.
  • Multiple versions of some miniapplications, including MPI, OpenMP, BEC, Qthreads.

Mantevo Overview Paper

Improving Performance via Mini-applications (Mantevo Overview)