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Mantevo is a multi-faceted application performance project. It provides application performance proxies known as miniapps. Miniapps combine some or all of the dominant numerical kernels contained in an actual stand-alone application. Miniapps include libraries wrapped in a test driver providing representative inputs. They may also be hard-coded to solve a particular test case so as to simplify the need for parsing input files and mesh descriptions. Mini apps range in scale from partial, performance-coupled components of the application to a simplified representation of a complete execution path through the application.

Don't Codesign Without Them

Mantevo pioneered the concept of using miniapps as the central element in co-design efforts for next-generation scalable computers and applications. Mantevo received a 2013 R&D 100 award and an FLC Regional Technology Transfer award.

The Mantevo Project puts out annual releases of the Mantevo Miniapp Suite prior to each US Supercomputing Conference in November.

Mantevo Overview Paper

Improving Performance via Mini-applications (Mantevo Overview)

Mantevo Virtual Machine

A VirtualBox virtual machine preloaded with the proxy apps featured at the SC12 Proxy App Tutorial is available for download. Using the virtual machine is perhaps the simplest way to try some of the Mantevo proxy apps for the first time. VirtualBox runs on Linux, Mac, or Windows.